Auto Injury

Have you or someone you know been in an auto accident? From experience we’ve seen many people think they were okay at first but then start experiencing pain, stiffness and discomfort that they didn’t have before the accident.

There are a wide range of injuries resulting from a auto accident such as whiplash, neck pain, back pain that can benefit from chiropractic care. If you have been in an auto accident your in good hands.

Dr. Golightley has helped thousands of auto accident victims recover from their injuries and get back to living their lives. You have a choice where you receive treatment for your injuries and deserve quality care.

Auto Accident Pain Expert

Call us today to take the first step toward getting the relief you are seeking. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns. If you don’t have health insurance and are concerned about how to pay for your care most auto insurance covers one hundred percent of your treatment.

One moment everything may seem fine, when suddenly you’re involved in a serious collision. Most people have one thing on their mind after a car accident--their car! However, it’s important to remember that you and your injuries come first. A visit to a chiropractor should always follow an auto injury, as chiropractors are specialists in damage to soft and hard tissue.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me After My Auto Accident?

Chiropractors are able to treat neck and back injuries associated with auto accidents. Many times, individuals who have been injured in a car accident experience such intense muscle pain and stiffness that they simply cannot function normally. When left untreated, this discomfort can be a serious issue.

After an auto accident, some individuals experience indicators of whiplash injuries right away, such as blurred vision, headaches, shoulder pain, dizziness, reduced range of motion and arm pain. Whiplash can also result in minor back injuries, muscle injuries, ligament problems, and disc damage. Other individuals may be injured and feel nothing at all.

Treating pain or whiplash should never be secondary to bringing your car at the mechanic or working with your insurance company. If you’ve had an auto accident recently, your first priority should be taking the initiative to visit your chiropractor!

More than 5 million auto accidents happen in the US every year. Whiplash can result from even minor auto accidents. One of the first things you can do after an accident is to contact an auto injury chiropractor. Dr. Jason Golightley of Golightley Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Midland, TX provides treatments that can help to relieve the pain caused by an auto accident. 

Chiropractic adjustment

Your spine is the major highway of your body. Messages from the brain reach the extremities and your organs by traveling this route. When the vertebrae become misaligned, there can be an interruption in the free flow of impulses. In order for your entire body to perform at its best, messages need to get through. An auto accident can cause misalignment. Getting things back where they belong is important to help relieve pain and discomfort from whiplash. 

Electric stimulation therapy

Whiplash from an auto injury can be very painful. The muscles need to relax and allow the treatments to provide relief. With electric stim, the low current causes the muscles to contract, and it doesn't take long for them to become tired and relaxed. This is a painless and drug-free option to help with the pain of an auto accident. 

Therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to vibrate and heat the tissue deep beneath the skin. You won't feel the heat but it will help to promote healing at the cellular level. This treatment reduces inflammation and increases circulation, helping the body to heal itself. 

For an auto injury chiropractor, you can count on Dr. Golightley of Golightley Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Midland, TX to provide the services that will get you back to a pain-free life. Give our office a call at 432-247-1363 to set up an appointment.

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