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  • Meet Dr. Jason Golightley

    “When I finished my service for the United States Army, I was considering my options for a future career. At the time I was working with a physical therapist and enjoyed helping people.”

    “Chiropractic came up in conversations with my friends. We were considering what field we would like to pursue. The fact that chiropractic is a natural means to help people really attracted me. I was definitely interested and I met with a local chiropractor to learn more about this natural art and that’s when it all got started for me!”

    I truly enjoy helping people and interacting in our community. And I strive to help our patients achieve all their health goals and to share knowledge with them that makes getting healthy much easier than most people realize.

    Helping Patients Feel their Best, Naturally

    Dr. Golightley’s knowledge and experience in educating his patients on nutrition and prevention are key to communicating how to incorporate healthy living and is part of the guide to wellness he shares with his patients.

    His passion in helping people has always been the driving force in his career and he has been rewarded by having the opportunity to serve the Permian Basin and surrounding areas through natural and safe chiropractic care. Meeting New patients and being able to help their bodies heal and relieve their pain has been the rewarding factor in his career.

    It has been wonderful and very fulfilling to get to know our patients. Here at Golightley Chiropractic our patients have become more like friends and family. They have enriched my life and I am blessed by the opportunity to serve them.

    Continuing Education

    •  Addressing Thyroid, Adrenal & Blood Sugar balance & Muscle Response
    •  Functional Endocrinology
    •  Awarded American Red Cross “Protect Your Back” certification of Instruction
    •  Sole Supports Certified Physician-completed advanced clinical training in biomechanics & orthotics

    On a Personal Note

    Dr. Golightley is originally from Kansas and a Desert Storm veteran of the U.S. Army. He enjoys receiving regular chiropractic care, eating organic foods as much as possible, and doesn’t take medications unless absolutely necessary. “I believe that the over prescription of antibiotics and medications in general have led to weaker immune systems among other problems such as more antibiotic resistant infections and ‘Super Bugs.’

    Our Immune Systems were intelligently designed and able to fight off most junk. But unfortunately today many people are over medicated. It is far easier and more cost effective to prevent health problems than to try regaining one’s health. In order to keep my body functioning optimally I get a chiropractic adjustment about once or twice a month.”

    When Dr. Golightley’s schedule allows he volunteers for local veterans support groups to help give back to his fellow veterans. His experience in the military has given him a great appreciation for the service and sacrifice our military men and women give to the country.

    I would like to thank you for visiting our site. If you should have any questions about today’s safe and natural chiropractic care I am here to listen and we would love the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Give our Midland office a call today.

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