"My normal chiropractor happened to be out for the day and I needed to see someone immediately as I just woke up in severe pain. Dr. Golightly was one of the first to appear on a Google search and had several five star reviews so I gave his office a call.
The lady that answered the phone was very sweet, caring , understanding and did all she could so I could be seen as soon as possible even though I was not an existing patient. Dr. Golightly and his entire staff I dealt with made me feel as though I had been a patient of their's for many years and were very understanding that I would be returning to my regular doctor upon his return . If something ever comes up that my normal doctor is unavailable I will definitely be back to see Dr. Golightly and would definitely recommend him to anyone else as he & his staff lived up to the other five star reviews I had seen and definitely earned such a review from me as I was able to obtain some immediate relief until I could see my primary chiropractor."

-Derek S.

"Dr. Golightley and team are the most professional and caring Chiropractor’s. I know they are concerned with helping me get better. I’ve been to chiropractors who just do the adjustment and move on to the next patient. Dr. Golightley explains what he’s doing and why he’s doing it, and offers things you can do at home to help your situation. I will keep coming to Golightley and I always recommend others to as well!"

-Mark W.

"The Dr. Took his time n showed me what was happening with my body on the X- Rays. He listened to what I had to say n answer all my questions. He is very easy to talk to without trying to talk over me. His staff go beyond n above making you feel like family. Thanks"

-Derral M.

"Needed to see a chiropractor, Dr. Golightley saw me the next day. Highly recommend! Dr. Golightly found the problem right away. Also made a few useful recommendations for avoiding the return of the problem.

-Daniel F.

"From the time I walked through the door at Golightly, The staff was welcoming and hospitable...The way they run things makes it real simple to be able to focus on your treatments all the technical headache type stuff is all taken care of...I greatly appreciate the entire staff and would highly recommend Golightly for all of your snap, crackle, pop needs...."

-Joe S.

"My husband and son (16) go to Dr. Golightly. They have had about 6 visits...they love to go!

The Dr is great, has the best bedside, great insight and you don't feel like you're being rushed.
I appreciate finding him in this day in time. Very kind and warm place!

-April G.

"Dr. Golightley and his office do a great job of not only helping relieve the pain but also give you the steps to take to keep the pain away. He helped me with a workout plan to build muscle in the areas I was having issues. Highly recommend his office to others"

-Chase B.

"I just moved to the area and hoped to find a good chiropractor. I’m so glad I found Dr GoLightley. He is amazing at what he does. He listens and really takes the time to understand what is going on with you. I highly recommend him!!"

-Kristen E.

"Fantastic service and friendly staff. Best chiropractor I have been to in town hands down"

-Sterling G.

"The staff is great very nice. Dr Golightly listens to you and it helps. It takes your time with you, it's very nice to have a doctor that does that."

-Wendy D.

 "As soon as I walked into the office, the staff was very friendly and attentive. They were polite and helpful in providing me the next steps. Dr. Golightley is down to earth and very patient. He took the time to answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him and his wonderful staff to anyone, especially if this is the 1st time that you will be visiting a chiropractor."

-Ivan Y.

Dr. Golightley is very informative as to what he is going to do and why it is needed and explains the benefits of the treatment and gives you the option if you want to go that route or another. I have been spoiled to the treatment that I receive when in the office that I will not change doctors and once there was an incident were they couldn’t find a neck surgeon in this area on my insurance and so once we found one Dr. Golightley was hesitant to send me because he didn’t know this doctor and or how he treated his patients, but I gave it try anyway and it was an awful experience Dr. Golightley comforted me and let me know not all doctors are like that and that he was very sorry that I had that experience.

Basically when you become a patient at Golightley Chiropractic you don’t just become another patient you become apart of a family! Thanks For taking wonderful care of me."
-Kendra R.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Golightley Chiropractic was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of care I received was outstanding!”
-Joshua M.

"I couldn’t have been more pleased with Dr. Golightley. He is so pleasant and wonderful but most of all the doctor helped my daughter’s condition a lot. She was going to him for a few months, once a week or so. She has recently seen by her long time family doctor in the Houston area. He has said that her spine has only about an inch of curvature. I am truly GRATEFUL to Dr. Golightley for making me a BELIEVER in chiropractic care. I am now finishing school and working as a MA in a chiropractic office. Thank you."
-Lydia F.


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